A Record-Breaking Amazon Prime Day Event Drives Traffic, Trends, and Success

Amazon Prime Day, the highly anticipated e-commerce event, has once again captivated millions of online shoppers with its exclusive discounts and lightning deals. This year’s Prime Day lived up to the hype with Prime members purchasing more than 375 million items worldwide, making it the largest Prime Day event to date. Amazon revealed they offered more deals this year than any past Prime Day event, and shoppers saved more than $2.5 billion on deals across the platform. From electronics to kitchen appliances and apparel, Amazon delivered a shopping experience like no other, enticing customers with a perfect combination of preparation, anticipation, and ultimately, record-breaking results.

Practical Ecommerce reported shoppers spent $6.4 billion in the first 24 hours of the event, with the total spend from both days coming in at $12.7 billion, representing 6.1% growth YoY and setting a new record for the single biggest e-commerce day so far in 2023.

Prime Day also provided some key insights to consumer shopping and spending behaviors ahead of the back to school season. Chain Store Age highlighted data from Numerator that 88% of shoppers are members of Amazon Prime, 8 out 10 (78%) shoppers are female, and 80% of shoppers have shopped Prime Day in the past. Adobe Analytics indicated that more shoppers utilized the “Buy Now Pay Later” feature with 6.5% of orders leveraging this payment option, which was +20% YoY. This increase could be attributed in part to Amazon offering some in-store discounts that drove traffic to their various store concepts, including Amazon Style and Amazon Go.

The Adobe Analytics data also revealed 20% of online orders used curbside pickup on July 12 (for retailers offering the service), which was up slightly YoY as curbside pickup accounted for 19% of 2022 Prime Day orders. Top performing product categories included appliances, home goods, toys, apparel and shoes, and electronics.

For Powerplay and our brands, similar shopping trends and performance prevailed. Overall sales were +115% compared to 2022 Prime Day, and +500% when compared to standard daily sales this year. Our best-selling categories included:

  1. Action Cameras
  2. Tablets & E-Readers
  3. Small Kitchen Appliances
  4. Footwear & Apparel
  5. Electronic Cables & Accessories

Our team began preparation months in advance by forecasting sales, planning deals and coupons, anticipating inventory lead times, aligning on replenishment strategy and many more business-driving initiatives to ensure we executed a successful Prime Day for our brands.

“Our team did a terrific job driving traffic to our listings through traditional advertising efforts while utilizing additional tactics such as DSP, STV, “Amazon Live”, and influencer/affiliate marketing.”

– Colleen, Senior Account Manager

Throughout Prime Day, the team was keeping a close eye on the performance of each of our brands, monitoring sales, and looking at big wins like best seller ranks, Amazon Choice badges, Amazon Live mentions, and other key Amazon badges of honor. 

Our holistic approach, scope of services, and years of expertise in the Amazon business drove powerful wins and YoY success for our brand partners. Inventory & supply chain planning, advertising & promotions, brand protection, content optimization, and our distribution teams all worked together to deliver phenomenal results this Prime Day.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can partner with you to accelerate your brand growth and direct to consumer sales strategy, contact us today!