Trailblazer to Global Leader

mophie cut its teeth in the mobile accessory space long before there was a smartphone is everyone’s pocket, but it took a combination of focus and perseverance to make mophie the national brand it is today. Almost immediately after the launch of iPhone in 2007, the need for mophie’s Juice Pack was undeniable. Through 2010, mophie quickly rose to the top of the mobile power category primarily through carrier store distribution but as the need for mobile power grew, so did their aspirations for retail and beyond.

  Key Issues Faced

  • After years of steady growth in tandem with the popularity of iPhone, iPhone sales began to flatline in 2016 and mophie needed to find a way to maintain the momentum.
  • Competition in the mobile power space from overseas brands paired with the growth of the category on Amazon dramatically lowered category ASPs.
  • Tapping into the high demand, retailers began launching their own private label power brands, further intensifying competition in the category and the retail channel.


Powerplay’s unique Flexible Service Offerings helped open the door for new opportunities and new growth in the face of a stagnant market and increasing competition.

  • In 2011, mophie partnered with Powerplay Retail to catapult their growth in retail.
  • Powerplay immediately began increasing doors and channels, specifically at Best Buy and Target in addition to regional and specialty retailers, through Powerplay Rep Group and Powerplay Distribution.
  • Powerplay Incentives further grew the mophie brand by building an incremental business in the Incentives channel through customized Fortune 500 incentives programs and personalization projects.


  • Despite the industry headwinds, mophie continued to grow in the retail channel and retailers reaped the benefits of higher ASPs and sales velocity for several generations of device launches.
  • This success landed mophie #1 in market share and became a household name in the mobile power category.
  • Zagg Brands, the global leader in mobile technologies and accessories acquired mophie in 2016.

Mophie continues to partner with Powerplay Retail to continue driving growth and expanding sales channels across multiple flexible service offerings.