Polk Audio

Growing Polk Audio Brands

Polk Audio initially came to us with an opportunity to fit a sub-$100 sound bar in a highly competitive market. Their desire was to create a two-foot modular space that could compete with Sony, Vizio, and LG that would make their equipment more accessible and competitive against other consumer electronic brands.

Key issues faced

  • Quantities were a potential obstacle as the brand grew
  • Timing and net cost for key retailers like Walmart were hard to come by
  • Full understanding of the Polk Audio “fit” within the marketplace in a short period of time with Senior Buyers


  • Worked with Walmart to finalize SKU name, number of stores, exit strategy, and merchandising/display tactics
  • Created display that fit in-store retailer requirements and was MABD compliant
  • Finalized product specs, pricing strategy, display strategy, estimated timeline, and exit strategy


  • Built the Signa Solo sound bar included in the 2019 modular reset in all 3,600 Walmart stores
  • Adoption rate was so successful for the Signa Solo sound bar that line extension Magnifi Mini was placed on endcaps within 800 stores