Powerplay Slashes Speed to Market Timing as a Target+ Partner

Target+ is one of the most up-and-coming marketplaces for third-party sellers. As an invite-only platform with partners carefully selected, the product assortment isn’t over-saturated and blends in seamlessly with the shopping experience. When Powerplay became a Target+ partner in September of 2022, we gained access to an online audience from a top-10 American retailer while working towards in-store placement. Powerplay was able to help brands launch their products on in a matter of weeks when it mattered most during peak selling season.

Key Issues Faced

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Nextbase and Embr wanted to maximize their potential for Q4. Securing meetings with category buyers can take time, which wasn’t on their side. Nextbase, an industry leader in dash cams, was looking to quickly expand their product offering to additional customer segments and marketplaces. Embr Labs partnered with Powerplay in October and wanted to get their Embr Wave hot flash relief wristband in front of the Target customer for holiday gifting.


Powerplay leveraged our internal Amazon team for optimized content and keyword data from the Nextbase listings. Utilizing the new Target+ partnership, Nextbase was live on with top notch content that was proven to convert sales in October of 2022. Once Nextbase was live, they needed eyeballs on the listings. Powerplay drove traffic to the products through sponsored placements powered by the Criteo platform.

Embr sent a contact form through the Powerplay website in mid-October, and by early November the partnership had been finalized and a PO was placed for the Embr Waves. Powerplay worked with the Embr team to gather content and set up the product pages on Target+. Once inventory arrived, everything was ready to press go with the first sale coming through mid-November.


Introducing the entry-level Nextbase dash cam SKUs to a more budget-conscious consumer highlighted an untapped customer segment. These SKUs perform well on, with the sponsored placements campaign averaging a 7x return on ad spend in 2022. The Embr Wave saw its first sale on within 5 weeks of initial contact with the Powerplay team. Powerplay was able to drastically reduce speed to market timing by being a Target+ partner, and in turn Nextbase and Embr were able to gain exposure for their products during peak holiday shopping season.