Vanity Planet

From Direct to Retail

Vanity Planet initially propelled it’s growth through a direct to consumer strategy with over 1 million influencers and $20M in sales. Despite being positioned as one of the top social media beauty brands, the brand lacked a national retail presence.

Key Issues Faced

  • Had not broken into the retail channel but wanted to be in the mass specialty market.
  • Did not have an internal sales force to expand retail channels.


  • At the time Powerplay first engaged with Vanity Planet, they only had 1-2 SKUs with Urban Outfitters.
  • Powerplay launched CVS Health/Vanity Planet private label business in all CVS stores.
  • Powerplay worked with the Urban Outfitters buying team and expanded SKUs to the entire Vanity Planet assortment of 14 SKUs with consistent monthly replenishment.


  • In May 2020, Urban Outfitters featured Vanity Planet in a large scale social media campaign, prominent placement on Beauty Tech page and pushed to the top in the At Home Spa product group included in the “Stay at Home” landing page.
  • CVS considering rolling out 2-5 SKUs across all doors (May 2020)
  • $180K in sales in 6 months partnering with CVS
  • While Powerplay didn’t have an established connection with the beauty buying team at Urban Outfitters, we leveraged existing relationships to make the appropriate connections.