Boosting Signals and Sales

weBoost, manufactured by Wilson Electronics, came to Powerplay Retail with limited brand awareness and no established category to enter in the consumer market. Developing a solution to increase cellular signal strength in homes and vehicles, weBoost had a solution to a common pain point across the US but the category didn’t exist at most retailers and a complicated value prop made the path to mass retail a challenge.

Key Issues Faced

  • Product had minimal retail exposure outside of truck stops, catalogs and owned ecommerce channels.
  • Despite a lack of competition, weBoost had established a new product category and consumers needed to be educated on the value prop of the brand and the solution to a problem they would normally look to their cellular carrier to solve.
  • The technical nature of the product and its required installation was complicated for the average consumer to understand the value.
  • Average price was too expensive with no offerings under $350.
  • Large packaging took up too much retail space which was unappealing to buyers.


  • Leveraging strong relationships and experience managing premium brands, Powerplay was quickly able to secure placement in the top-performing Best Buy stores and BestBuy.com.
  • The Powerplay team tapped into every available resource to support the business and fuel success including training, seeding, developing proper signage, accommodations, digital support, and Geek Squad service and in-home advisor trainings.
  • Leveraged chit cards to overcome the large packaging footprint.
  • Delivered critical GMROI analysis which provided the necessary proof points to secure buy-in for expansion.


  • Despite little awareness and lack of precedent, weBoost and Best Buy were able to create an entirely new consumer category in the Mobile Accessories department.
  • In partnership with Powerplay Retail, weBoost achieved all sell through benchmarks with a $700 ASP, despite the average ASP in the department being $30.
  • Riding the wave of success from Best Buy, Powerplay Retail was able to place weBoost in Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Northern Tool and Equipment, with additional retailers on the horizon.