Powerplay Direct

Cleanse. Control. Maintain. Grow.

Powerplay Direct works with brand and retail partners on customized solutions to cleanse, control, maintain, and grow direct-to-consumer channels.

Amplifying the power of your brand

Powerplay Direct acts as an extension of your brand’s internal team—buying products, controlling inventory, and managing advertising—to optimize direct-to-consumer channels like Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Target+, eBay, and more.

Inventory Ownership & Forecasting

Flexible Fulfillment

Brand Registration

Brand Protection


Beyond Marketplace

Inventory Ownership & Forecasting

We cut POs just like 1P and with years of marketplace experience, we forecast and manage inventory in tandem with managing the complexities of Amazon’s advertising platform and algorithm.

Flexible Fulfillment

We are approved WFS/FBA sellers and have established 3PL connections to minimize fees and provide 2-day seller fulfilled shipping across marketplaces.

Brand Registration

Mastering the Brand Registry process, we can accelerate the timeline for registration so you can take control of your brand on Amazon and Walmart.

Brand Protection

We offer a full suite of brand protection services to help you take control and protect your brand across marketplaces by removing unauthorized sellers to control pricing consistency and brand content.


Our advertising experts will launch and grow your brand through in-depth keyword analysis and pay per click advertising, plus partner with our internal marketing team to drive outside traffic to marketplace listings.

Beyond Marketplace

Our holistic approach to retail means we can take your brand beyond marketplaces to other Direct to Consumer channels, traditional retail, and B2B channels.

How we help you achieve direct channel success

Powerplay Direct brings together the best of Amazon’s Seller Central and Vendor Central. Just sell us your product, and we do all the rest.

  • Brand Setup & Onboarding

    We work with you to elevate your brand presence by:

    • Transitioning your brand from Vendor or Seller Central
    • Optimizing images and copy to improve conversion and search
    • Strategically managing listings and parent/child relationships
    • Creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)/A+ content and an elevated storefront presence
    • Expanding marketplaces and service offerings
  • Brand Protection

    We help enforce MAP and protect against threats to brand integrity by:

    • Monitoring channel pricing to maintain brand quality
    • Shutting down rogue sellers
    • Ensuring consistent brand messaging and customer support
    • Handling sales tax collection to comply with state regulations
  • Operations Management

    Our team of experts assists your brand in operating direct-to-consumer channels, optimizing marketing, and driving incremental growth by:

    • Ensuring proper forecasting, inventory levels, and key seasonal management
    • Using Amazon Pay Per Click advertising to drive awareness and beat out the competition
    • Harvesting, testing, and refining keywords to continuously iterate and improve listings and advertising performance
    • Leveraging Amazon Deals, Giveaways, Coupons, and paid social media to launch products, drive growth, and deliver quality reviews
    • Working with Amazon to give partners access to more deals and new beta programs

Our team of experts

Our channel experts work with you to understand your specific needs and create customized plans for maximizing brand growth online.

  • Nick Broberg

    eCommerce Analyst

  • Joey Kane

    Retail Media Manager

  • Kurt Nguyen

    Retail Media Manager

  • Brandon Tejera

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Nathan Eilas

    Staff Accountant

  • John Salazar

    eCommerce Analyst Associate

  • Paul Whisnant

    eCommerce Analyst

  • Mike Blanchard

    VP of Technology and Security

  • Nick Padilla

    Director of Retail Media

  • Chelsea Hinnenkamp

    Account Manager

  • Max DeWolf

    Growth Specialist

  • Taylor See

    eCommerce Analyst

  • Amanda Urbanski

    Human Resources Manager

  • Kathy Anderson

    Director of Purchasing

  • Brian Franz

    Inventory Analyst

  • Halie Bednar

    DTC and New Marketplace Ops/Specialist

  • Summer Palmer

    Marketing Project Manager

  • Alex McNamara

    Sr. Accountant

  • Sloan Myers

    Staff Accountant

  • Joey Pahl

    Reporting Analyst

  • Zack Mann

    Growth Manager

  • Connor Thie

    Ecommerce Analyst

  • Mike Kari

    Senior Director eCommerce, DTC, & Marketplaces

  • Katie Ryan

    Marketing and Content Coordinator

  • Rachel Broos

    Senior Account Manager

  • Colleen Mochoruk

    Senior Account Manager

  • Brooke Rittenberg

    Marketplace Operations Manager

  • Christie Johnson


  • John Orth

    VP of Finance

  • Chris Fleck

    CFO, Partner

  • Stacy Williams

    Senior Accountant

  • Tanya Pade

    Accounting Manager

  • Jeff Petschl

    President & Co-Founder

  • Dylan Rolison

    Content Manager

  • Grace Kopplin

    Director of eCommerce Sales

  • Tracy Thie

    Co-founder & Principal

  • Connor Uzlik

    Systems Manager

  • James Rieger

    Senior Accountant

  • Gretchen Olson


  • Alissa Bolke

    Director of Marketing

Brands We’ve Grown

Powerplay Direct has a proven track record—partnering with brands of all sizes, from start-up to established, with just one product or thousands.

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