Powerplay Distribution

Putting Real Skin in the Game

Powerplay Distribution expertly handles brand logistics and supply chain needs, from 24/7 monitoring to purchasing product outright

Full-service distribution support

We offer a complete solution for our channel partners, with unparalleled logistics expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive distribution and fulfillment services.

Multi-Channel Network

Operational Compliance

Extended Reach

Retail Program Management

Supply Chain Management

Multi-Channel Network

Gain immediate access to our network of customers.

Operational Compliance

We are disciplined and resolute in our strategy and its implementation.

Extended Reach

We are a leader in specific markets and product categories.

Retail Program Management

We are experts in customer brand preferences and buying behavior trends.

Supply Chain Management

Get results with our fast-paced, high-energy culture.

More than two decades of distribution experience

With Powerplay Distribution managing fulfillment and logistics, our partner brands can fully focus on creating great products for their customers.

  • Fulfillment Services

    We provide exceptional inventory management by:

    • Picking, packing, and shipping the same day
    • Ordering custom packaging solutions that fit our retailers' needs
    • Handling all returns programs for online and in-store retailers
    • Providing logistics management and real-time online reporting that keeps our partners up to date
  • Operations Support

    • We make sure orders get out the door and into customers’ hands without a hitch, and without excuses
    • It doesn’t matter how many orders need to be executed or how complex the request—we get it done
    • Our staff delivers real-time inventory feeds, same-day shipping and tracking, custom invoicing and packing slips, toll-free support, and dedicated project management
  • State-of-the-art Facilities

    Our secure facilities in Minneapolis and Los Angeles provide:

    • The latest technology for automated packing of batched orders and lines for pick-n-pack orders
    • Quality control programs that apply to all clients for all shipments, inventory, and return processing
    • A proven track record fulfilling into specific targeted retailers and meeting unique shipping requirements
    • Low cost to fulfill that delivers the best value for price
  • Marketing Expertise

    Key online and in-store retailers partner with Powerplay Distribution because:

    • We understand the need for a reliable partner that supports retailers as the primary contact for a strategic product line
    • We provide the best products at competitive prices, as the direct conduit from manufacturer to retailer for every brand promotional program
    • We assure the timely transmission of promotions funds, making programs seamless and painless for retailers

Our team of experts

We do whatever to takes to slash time to market and expand retail channels.

Brands We’ve Grown

Here are just some of the brands that Powerplay Distribution has helped expand retail reach and maximize sales opportunities.

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Powerplay Distribution is just one of our four Flexible Service Offerings that ensure brands and retailers always get the right expertise at just the right time.

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