Our Team's Top Picks for Memorable Holiday Gifting this Season!

No matter who’s on your gift giving list this year, we’ve rounded up goodies that’ll light up their faces faster than Rudolph’s nose. From thoughtful to trendy, we’ve curated a one-stop shop with something for everyone. Some of our picks are even on promotion over the holiday shopping season, so grab your stocking stuffers and get ready to spread some holiday cheer!

1.Twinkly Candies App-Controlled Light String

Where To Find It: Twinkly Candies App-Controlled Pearl-Shaped LED Light String with 100 RGB (16 Million Colors) LEDs. 5 Meters / 16.4 Feet. Clear Wire. USB-C-Powered. Indoor Smart Home Lighting Decoration

Why We Love It: With 100 RGB LEDs, offering 16 million colors, you have endless possibilities to create the perfect ambiance for any season. Easily control the lights through the user-friendly app, allowing you to customize patterns, colors, and effects to suit your mood and style. Create larger, synchronized decorations by combining your Twinkly Candies with other Twinkly devices. Experience hands-free control by integrating Twinkly Candies with your smart home devices.

2. Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus 9-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker

Where To Find It: Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus, 7.5 Quarts 35% Larger Cooking Surface, WhisperQuiet Steam Release, 9-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker

Why We Love It: The RIO Wide Plus features a wide inner cooking pot with more cooking area than a 12″ skillet. The cooking pot is dishwasher safe and holds large quantities of food like a 5 lb. chicken, 9” cake pan or 3 racks of ribs. The quiet steam release is controlled safely using a remote button.  Includes the free Instant Brands Connect App, where you can find new recipes to create quick favorites and prepare delicious meals, available iOS and Android.

3. Monster Smart 8-inch Digital Picture Frame

Where To Find It: Monster Smart Home 8-inch Digital Picture Frame with 16GB of Photo Storage, 1280p Electronic Picture Frame Display

Why We Love It: Connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the Monster App and upload photos with ease. Enjoy gorgeous full-color images and high-definition 1280p resolution that allows for crystal clear picture quality and fast upload speeds. Show family and friends how much they mean to you by sharing photos and showcasing your favorite ones, so no matter where you are, you are always connected to them.

4. Gateway 14.1″ Laptop with Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, and 128GB Storage

Where To Find It: Gateway 14.1″ Laptop – Intel Celeron – 4GB RAM – 128GB Storage – Silver

Why We Love It: This Ultra Slim Notebook from Gateway is the ultimate portable notebook that brings crystal-clear picture for all of your tasks and an extravagant new design, featuring a hinge that elevates your keyboard for a more ergonomic experience. You’re guaranteed to experience clarity with a 14.1” LCD HD Display and precision touchpad. The computer is powered by an Intel® Celeron® Processor and has 4 GB memory RAM. Great Intel performance for all budgets!

5. Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers

Where To Find Them: Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper & Minnetonka Women’s Camp Tie Moc – Indoor/Outdoor Cozy Slippers with Durable Sole

Why We Love Them: These slippers are the ultimate combination of comfort and function with a lined inside and hardsole bottom. Keep your feet warm and comfy while you’re by the fire or reading a book. Minnetonka is a fourth-generation family-owned brand committed to preserving the high standards, handmade quality, and craftsmanship of their products.

6. PETLIBRO Pet Drinking Fountain & Automatic Feeder

Where To Find Them: PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder, 5G WiFi with App Control for Pet Dry Food, Low Food & Blockage Sensor & PETLIBRO – Dockstream Stainless Steel 2.5L Drinking Fountain with Battery Operation

Why We Love Them: Plan meal portions, diets, and feeding times from anywhere using the easy-to-use PETLIBRO app on your phone. The feeder can hold about 5.6lb of kibble. With the quadruple sealing and a focus on freshness, every part of the Granary Feeder, from storage to dispensing, is sealed to avoid moisture loss, keeping your pet’s food delicious and safe from pests or mold.

Running water signals to your pets that the water is safe and fresh. Give 24/7 non-stop running water to keep your pets hydrated, happy and healthy with PetLibro’s Dockstream Battery-Operated Pet Fountain. Your pets can now enjoy fresh, clean water anywhere they want due to the wireless design of this pet waterer. 

7. Zhiyun Smooth 5S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Where To Find It: Zhiyun – Smooth 5S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Standard for Smartphones with Detachable Tri-pod Stand – Gray

Why We Love It: With the classic 3-axis design, you can create inspiring content with no angle limitations. SMOOTH 5S makes you a one-man crew. The magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithm firmly power up phones with large size. The wider phone clamp supports an external lens option to create incredible anti-shake footage while preserving the original definition quality.

8. Flint Retractable Travel Lint Roller

Where To Find It: Flint Classic Retractable Lint Roller – Refillable Travel Lint Roller – 90 Sheets (Black)

Why We Love It: This retractable lint roller twists to open, prolonging the life of it’s adhesive sheets that only sticks to what you want – pet hair, dust, and everything in between. Flint is small enough to easily fit in a purse or bag, and can be refilled with their 100% recycled paper refills!

9. Infinite Rabbit Holes Arkham Asylum Files: Panic in Gotham City Augmented Reality Board Game

Where To Find It: Infinite Rabbit Holes Arkham Asylum Files: Panic in Gotham City Augmented Reality Board Game – Escape Room-esque Batman Mystery with Harley Quinn and The Joker

Why We Love It: Board Game + Escape Room + Puzzle Box + Animated/Live-Action Series + Mystery Adventure + Mobile Augmented Reality Board Game — All in one amazing experience! Scan Arkham Asylum files, JOKER cards, game boards, and more with your mobile device to unleash hidden secrets with a free augmented reality app available for Apple and Android.

10. Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor and Swing Analyzer

Where To Find It: Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor and Swing Analyzer with Real-Time Shot Data Tracking

Why We Love It: With the SC200Plus alternative golf simulator for home or outdoor use, you can perfect your speed and tempo by swinging the club in your living room – no ball required.  Ensure reliable and accurate data collection with Doppler radar technology and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors. Featuring advanced LCD display and voice output, the Voice Caddie golf swing analyzer can easily assess your shot performance in real-time!

11. reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet Bundle with Marker Plus and Black Leather Folio

Where To Find It: reMarkable 2 – 10.3” Paper Tablet with Marker Plus and Premium Leather Book Folio – Black

Why We Love It: Everything you need to do your best thinking gathered in one essential collection: reMarkable 2 – the paper tablet, Marker Plus, Book Folio, and a 1-year Connect subscription. Keep all your notes and documents in one place, ready to view and edit from your mobile or desktop. Create your own setup with virtually unlimited pages, folders, and tags. Never lose track of work again, with everything at your fingertips. Make your handwritten notes easy to reuse by converting them into typed text, then upload them to cloud storage services, or send by email to share them instantly!

12. EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station

Where To Find It: EcoFlow – RIVER 2 Portable Power Station – Black

Why We Love It: RIVER 2 beats the industry standard of charging speeds, fully charging in only 60 minutes. That’s 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market and 38% quicker than previous generations. Fully charge RIVER 2 while you pack your bags, so you’ll always be ready for a last-minute trip. With over 3000+ battery 100% cycles, you can use RIVER 2 almost every day for 10 years. In addition to long life, the LFP battery is more reliable, efficient and safe even in high temperatures. Be protected for the next 5 years with one of the longest warranties in the industry. With a 300W output, RIVER 2 has most of your essentials covered. But why not take power to another level with X-Boost mode? Power appliances with an output of up to 600W!

13. Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam

Where To Find It: Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam Full 4K/30fps UHD Recording in Car DVR Camera

Why We Love It:  The 622GW records in top of the range 4K quality. When trying to make out finer details or capturing that all important number plate, you can count on this dash cam to cover you from multiple angles and give you greater peace of mind. The image stabilization system greatly diminishes the effect vibrations from your vehicle and bumps in the road have on your footage quality. Whether you are involved in or witness an incident in foggy conditions this is the only Dash Cam which will defog the footage.